Jolene is motivated to inspire families to have conversations about what really matters in life. She was a full-time carer for her husband when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and with this knowledge and her background as a Funeral Director, she was inspired to create ‘Your Life Talks’.

She is passionate about the importance of creating a record of our life journey for future generations, and having conversations about our wishes for our future including end of life healthcare.

‘Your Life Talks’ was created with a mission to raise community awareness of the importance of initiating these meaningful conversations within families, to recognize our intrinsic need to remember and celebrate our life and achievements and talk about our future as we age.

Jolene has recruited over 30 speakers to present talks to community, carer & multicultural groups in Australia & New Zealand.

Jolene recognized that what most people need is a reason or a little bit of encouragement to kick-start these conversations, and that spending time reflecting on our life journey provides a natural seque into the more challenging conversations regarding our future.

Her innovative Conversation Starter cards and mobile App, ‘Your Life Story’ & ‘Your Life Wishes’ have been widely embraced as an ideal way to assist families with kick-starting these conversations.