Co-Author: “Love’s Way: Living Peacefully With Your Family As Your Parents Age”

How often have you heard about families that can’t agree on how to care for a parent? Or siblings who can’t mend long-term issues when the need for family unity is greatest? Or older adult family members who resist discussing their plans for distributing their assets or making decisions about their end-of-life care?

In his presentations Sig Cohen will provide real-life examples and offer practical advice designed to enable families address the impact that aging has on parents and their adult children. These include the tension between safety (a concern of adult children) vs. autonomy (a need for aging parents), advance planning, and care-giving. He will also address end of life decision-making and the need for transparency when dealing with legal and inheritance matters.

Sig’s professional experience includes a career in the Foreign Service of the U.S. Information Agency, fundraising for locally based organizations, and community organizing. He has mediated cases for the DC Superior Court for more than 15 years. As an elder mediator in private practice he helped families resolve disputes around property distribution, guardianship, and caring for loved ones. His clients’ experiences and his own as a family caregiver form the heart of Love’s Way: Living Peacefully with Your Family as Your Parents Age*, a book he co-authored with Judge (ret.) Carolyn Miller Parr.

*Hendrickson Publishers, 2019.

Elder Mediator and Co-Author
Love’s Way: Living Peacefully with Your Family as Your Parents Age