Anu Murthy

Anu Murthy, Esq.
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Anu Murthy is a healthcare attorney and practice consultant who focuses exclusively on physician, dentist and advance care practitioner employment contracts, partnership agreements and other practice related business matters. With several dozen close family members who are physicians, she is intimately familiar with the challenges they face. As her clients will attest, she takes pride in her work, and is passionate about positioning them for success while protecting their interests. It is this passion that has compelled her to relaunch one of the most specialized health law advisory practices in the country

Anu has assisted and represented physicians, dentists and their groups in all aspects of their business transactions. She has always believed that the most effective way to help physicians succeed and shield them from liability was through the comprehensive review, negotiation and drafting of their contracts. Teaching the “business of medicine” to Residents and Fellows in training enabled her to expand into a unique consultative advisory role for her clients.

In 2009, while Anu was negotiating a practice acquisition, she was offered a senior leadership role within an integrated health system. For the next decade Anu held progressively larger roles within a diverse group of healthcare ecosystems including academic, not for profit, for profit and private equity. Anu directed provider recruitment teams, created and grew service lines and co-led numerous practice acquisitions. As part of the physician integration process, Anu helped to create and administer several physician leadership development programs, mentorship programs, and alignment and diversity initiatives. Other projects include EHR selection and implementation, ACO formation, bundled payment programs and compensation reform. Most recently, Anu was Director of Federal Affairs for one of the largest physician trade associations in the country focusing on value based payment advocacy.

The above experiences have given Anu a singular perspective to be able to effectively advise and coach her clients. She has been on the employer and corporate side and thus has an insiders view of what her clients need to understand in the entire employment/affiliation process from recruitment onwards. Anu has her pulse on what is most important to the provider community be it compensation, reimbursement or compliance.

Her experience and knowledge serve to facilitate a nuanced review of healthcare transactions that will guarantee a competitive advantage for her clients. A diverse national network of contacts throughout the healthcare industry gives her the inside track on market trends and how to capitalize on them. Anu can be a physician’s concierge in the business of medicine.

Anu graduated with a Juris Doctorate from the Boston University School of Law and a BA from The Ohio State University and is licensed to practice law in North Carolina. She offers comprehensive consultative services regarding physician compensation and benefits, contract review and negotiation in all 50 states.