Is your real estate business prepared to work with the growing 
aging demographic?

Would you like to work more effectively with the aging population allowing you to close more real estate transactions?

Then you should join...

Knowledgeable Aging® One-to-One Coaching

Participate in a customized One-to-One coaching program designed to increase your real estate transactions with clients in the aging space

Personalized coaching to grow your real estate business. 2 private live/interactive hour-long sessions per month. No long term obligation required: you can purchase the course one month at a time
Define your niche in the aging space and differentiate yourself from your competition
We educate and guide you in creating tailored seminars, curating topics, forming partnerships with experts, and executing events for business growth
We work with you to build a local networking group, positioning you as a central resource and trusted advisor in the real estate and aging space
State-of-the-art coaching software for accountability, goal setting, tracking progress, providing a unique user experience
And much more...

Two live "virtual" One-to-One private coaching sessions per month. Each of these sessions will last approximately one hour.

There will be 24 sessions covered in the 12 month program. There is no long-term commitment required by the student as the program can be purchased on a month-to-month basis. However, as the entire program does cover 12 months (24 unique one-to-one coaching sessions) we strongly suggest that the student commit to and complete the entire 12 month program to receive maximum value and benefit of the coaching.

Throughout the 12 month program, we will establish and monitor metrics that will be used to measure your progress towards becoming the local aging resource, the go-to professional in your community for all things aging.

Below are examples of the first two sessions, which will occur in month one.
Session One: Your Niche in the Aging Space
• Why do you want to get involved in the aging space?
• How do your products and services serve the aging population
• Define what it means to be the local aging resource
Session Two: Examining Your Professional Network
• Defining what a professional network is
• Understanding the value of your professional network
• Learn the importance of national as well as local network partners

INCLUDED with Knowledgeable Aging One-to-One Coaching:


Limited licensed use of Knowledgeable Aging® trademarked name and trademarked logo for your personal professional marketing

Invitation to Join

A global online community of professionals all having an interest in working with the aging population.

A private online group for Knowledgeable Aging
One-to-One Coaching Program students, where you have access to:

Member directory - locate other KA One-to-One coaching students, pass referrals, mastermind, etc.
Post articles and blogs
Events section – share your upcoming events

Our Pricing

Knowledgeable Aging
One-to-One Coaching

Two One-to-One coaching sessions per month (one hour each session)
Limited license to use KA Trademarked elements
Invitation to join private group for KA One-to-One Coaching students in the Knowledgeable Aging® Learning Center
schedule your free
15 minute consultation
Knowledgeable Aging® trademarked name and trademarked logo only for personal professional purposes (not for use by a company that employs the student as either an employee or a contractor)
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