Asante Dickson, MD is chairman of Adventist healthcare White Oak Medical Center and CoFounder/President, Ascension Medical Educators, LLC, a professional services firm committed to providing quality academic advising, professional development, and positive self-assessment of students aspiring to the profession of medicine.

Dr. Dickson is a graduate of Cornell University and former post baccalaureate student at Georgetown University in the Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies (GEMS) Program. He achieved the Doctorate of Allopathic Medicine from Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSOM), with a Fellowship in Stanford University’s Department of Radiology, Division of Neuroradiology. He is a full-time CAQ Neuroradiologist, and a committed advocate for social justice in healthcare, with significant contribution of time, talent and finance in support of high school and college – level pipeline initiatives for scholars aspiring to the profession of medicine.

Dr. Dickson’s humility connects to early years of personal struggle and self-doubt with transformational change to confidence, discipline and success through the benefit of active mentorship in his professional and personal endeavors. His passion for excellence in clinical care of patients, and training and mentoring initiatives to develop outstanding health professionals are cornerstones of his philosophy of servant-leadership.

Dr. Dickson’s service in academic medicine and educational initiatives extends throughout the United States, South America and the Caribbean, with recent presentations at Georgetown University Medical Center (2018), Solar Meninos De Luz (2018), and Caribbean Medical Providers Practicing Abroad (2017). Dr. Dickson is an avid tennis player and is married with twin sons. Dr. Dickson holds special admiration for his parents, Michael and Myrtle Dickson, who have instilled virtues of compassion, service, leadership and education as the legacy that he continually shares.