Pastoral Care Chaplain and Amazon International #1 Best-Selling author of the God-inspired book, Affairs of the Heart and the insightful book, Dying Without Crying. Ms. Willett has been featured on EWTN Eternal Life Radio, TheBridge/Tandem Radio, Christian Talk Radio and The Voice of Central Jersey WCTC;as well as “Called to Serve” TV10, The Trenton Monitor and The Examiner Newspapers. Several years ago, Janice experienced a low in her life that so many of us can relate to. As she questioned her purpose, she turned to God for guidance. That was the monumental pivoting point wherein she left her unfulfilled life, including a 33 year career in the service industry, and used her savings to live and follow the path that led to writing the books that bring peace and comfort to so many. Ms. Willett also speaks professionally to encourage and inspire others.

Affairs of the Heart is about the courage to change-personal transformation that overflows at home, work and in friendships through forgiveness and developing abetter relationship with God. Whether living a joy-filled life or feeling despair of any type, Affairs of the Heart will bring peace, comfort and healing through this easy to read, relatable story and the 72 full color Inspirations the author received during her 90 day journey into God’s arms at St. Veronica Church. The church, located inHowell, NJ, has been featured on ABC Primetime, Fox 5 and local TV as one of the most Charismatic Churches in America.

Dying Without Crying is a beautiful concise guide providing useful, actionable tips for caregivers and care-receivers on setting boundaries, having a voice and making decisions .. along with sharing the experience of facing death with dignity… and the difficult emotions & circumstances that accompany it. The book brings comfort to those dealing with any daily challenges, encouraging us to live each day the best we can. “Dying Without Crying” is being used by caregiving, bereavement, healthcare and funeral organizations.

In our look back moments, as we attempt to find meaning to our overall existence, we ask ourselves why it takes a milestone birthday, the loss of a loved one or terminal illness to open our eyes – to evaluate the choices we’ve made and how we have conducted our lives. Improve your life today with “Dying Without Crying.”

“We are all traveling down the same road; we just arrive at different times.” ~ J.I. Willett

Become a Better Version of Yourself Today. Own the First Aid Kit for the Soul. This is the Book You Will Always Want to Have at Your Side.