Lisa Dinhofer, MA, CT, known as “The Crisis Tamer’, works with subject matter and
circumstances most people turn away from. She mentors companies past traumatic and
destabilizing events, workplace abuse and crisis communications to regain
stability, establish a new normal and build resilience. Lisa was an employee at the World
Trade Center during the 1993 bombing and was still working in NYC during 9/11. She
draws from those first hand experiences of workplace trauma and lessons learned
from other workplace tragedies.

Lisa is a certified Thanatologist with a sub-specialty in trauma, trained counselor, trained
mediator, and a crisis communication specialist with 18+ years of professional
experience training, consulting, coaching, debriefing and public speaking. Lisa works
with a diverse client base within both for-profit and non-profit organizations.
She currently serves as a designated coach for an on-line community based in the UK
for people struggling with addiction and is a credentialed provider with an EAP.

Lisa’s areas of expertise include: unexpected/traumatic disruption | active shooter and
employee violence | COVID-19 issues | addiction issues | workplace grief from death and
non-death losses | trust building, Target and ‘Upstander’ training following bullying and
sexual harassment | burnout and resilience building | mergers & RIF aftermath issues |
scandal | employee termination and other difficult conversations.

She served as an Adjunct Instructor in the Graduate Thanatology program at Hood
College, Frederick Maryland and is President of Koden Consulting Services.