Mary L. Flett, Ph.D.

Mary L. Flett, PhD is a keen observer of what it means to be an aging adult and offers her unique perspective on embracing the shift that aging brings. She is a passionate and engaging speaker on all things related to aging, and is known for her unique ability to bring humor and compassion to complex and emotionally challenging topics.  She recently published a three-book series, “Aging with Finesse”, containing selections of blogs she has been writing for the past four years.

After over 30 years of working with elders as a psychologist, Dr. Mary now offers consultation on how to age-in place, how to manage life transitions, and how to adapt to the changes life presents as we age.  She created Five Pillars of Aging, which she describes as a template for “re-negotiating your lease on life”.  Five Pillars is a virtual classroom, with courses on how to create a legacy of values, how to stay engaged over the lifespan, how to adapt and accommodate rather than resist aging, exploring purpose and meaning in later life as a spiritual calling, and what she has coined, “emotional economics”.  This last pillar synthesizes the key challenge of aging:  believing I am enough, I have enough, knowing there is enough, and defining for yourself what is “good enough”.