Ryan Backer is an age activist striving to undo ageism within an intersectional framework. They have been on this social justice path since 2013 and are a co-creator of OldSchool.info, as clearinghouse anti-ageism resources. They’ve facilitated workshops on undoing ageism and queering age internationally. Ryan aims to eradicate ageism, along with white supremacy, gender bias, ableism, body shaming, homophobia, classism and all other forms of oppression. They’ve worked as an in-home care partner, as well as interned at the Edie Windsor SAGE Center, the NYC Elder Abuse Center, and Brooklyn Pride Center’s ElderPRIDE. When they are not presenting workshops or working on Old School they are organizing intergenerational events and groups, creating zines, and writing articles for ChangingAging. Ryan identifies as a white, non-binary, European-American ‘old person in training’ with an undergraduate degree in Gerontology.