Maureen is originally from Illinois and has been a Floridian since 1971. She founded Caregivers Support and Resources LLC in 2004 to serve her Elder and Disabled community.

Maureen has over 25 years’ experience in conducting needs assessments, creating Medicaid plans and deploying services for seniors transitioning to higher level of care living environment including Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.

· Maureen works in concert with other Professionals such as Attorneys, CPAs and Financial Planners to create positive outcomes for all of her planning clients.

· She creates and implements customized caregiver and care receiver plans and estate management services for the spouse and/or family members of individuals in Nursing Homes or Adult Living Communities.

· She coordinates all marketing, client relations, project management, licensing, compliance, and daily operations.

She has been very successful by being personable, affordable, and reliable, giving expert service to well over 2,000 clients.

Recently, she has become a Care Partner to her Life Partner, Brian, who is Living with Alzheimer’s Disease. She joins Brian on his speaking engagements giving the perspective of being a Care Partner. Most information about Individuals living with a Dementia-Related Illness is usually delivered by Medical Professionals and Professional Care Partners but Maureen explains her experiences from the heart, mixed in with humor, love and honesty.

· Licensed in Life, Health and Insurance Annuities

· Certified Medicaid Planner

· Life Care Planner

· Alzheimer’s Association Advocate and Facilitator

· Served on the Advisory Board of the NWFL Area Agency on Aging.

· Served on The Florida Pioneer Network

· Certified Eden Alternative Associate, Educator and Mentor

· Member of the Florida Ethics Bureau

· Better Living for Seniors

· Notary Public – State of Fl